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Hosted PBX Phone ServiceA hosted PBX is a phone system that is on the web. Therefore, you don’t have to see it, manage it or maintain it; it’s all done for you. There is no equipment in your office other than the phones themselves. All you need is a IP phone and an internet connection. You will no longer need to pay for an on-site technician, purchase maintenance contracts or spend thousands of dollars for hardware. The whole process of buying a phone system just got simplified!

A “Host” of Features

The first and most important aspect to consider is understanding which features are offered. Many hosted PBX providers don’t offer the same features in their hosted products.

Minimal Upfront Cost

Hosted VoIP solutions have a low upfront cost and are typically charged as a monthly fee per user. Generally the biggest upfront expense is in running additional data cables and increasing your internet connection and speed to support this type of system.

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