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Here are a few things you should think about when buying a new telephone system:

Accommodating growth with big-business features.

Companies with 10 to 40 employees are often growing quickly, so make sure the systems you investigate are capable of growing with you. You’ll also want many of the common business telephone features, such as voicemail, auto-attendant, music on hold, and paging.

Key or Hybrid Key/PBX systems.

If you’re business is likely to stay at a fairly constant size, a key system is the most cost-effective choice. However, for growing businesses, hybrid key/PBX systems are expandable and provide all the features you’d need.

Plan for the future.

Think through your long term plans: if you plan to open multiple offices, grow to 50 or 100 employees, or expand your telephone activities, make sure the phone system you buy is scalable and capable of meeting your needs for years to come.

Can I save money while upgrading my telephone system?

At Mainway Telecom we have found dozens of ways for businesses like yours to cut costs while upgrading their telephone equipment. We can help you install T-1 and PRI lines, DSL data circuits, high speed broadband service, Centrex service, telephone service thru discount providers and Internet options such as “Voice Over IP” to replace regular telephone lines and bring down your monthly telephone bills. These options will also give you greater communication between your employees and the outside world as well as making it easier for your customers to get in contact with you.

Can I take some pressure off my receptionist?

Our new voice mail systems offer the ability to have every incoming call answered and routed to the employee or the department required. This takes tremendous pressure off the receptionist and allows him or her to be much more productive. With T-1 or PRI circuits we can set up individual phone numbers for each employee. This option will alleviate over 35% of the receptionist’s incoming calls.

Can I get rid of my answering service?

With voice mail, incoming calls get answered by a greeting which gives callers options to reach the person or group they are looking for by pressing the appropriate keys on their telephone key pad. Every extension has a voice mailbox that will take a message in the event the employee is away from their desk. The employee can then be notified when a caller has left a message via a pager or cell phone, eliminating the need for an answering service. This not only eliminates the cost of your answering service, but also eliminates the hassles of lost or misinterpreted messages as well.

What about training? How will my employees know how to use the new telephones?

Mainway Telecom offers 30 days of unlimited training on your new telephone system. We will train your staff in groups and then go from desk to desk to be sure that everyone understands completely, how their new telephone works. We will even help your employees set up their voice mailboxes and record their greetings.

What type of titles does Mainway Telecom, Inc. hold?

We are authorized dealers of Samsung, Allworx, Ipitomy, and Telrad/Connegy systems. We are certified technicians for Avaya/Lucent systems.

What can we do as our system is being relocated, replaced or upgraded?

While the system is being replaced, upgraded or relocated, there should be just an approximate 15 minute downtime per employee. The downtime is not simultaneous, it is on an individual basis to change out the telephone, program it and setting it up. Occasionally, there may be some issues of transferability during changeover which may cause slight further delays.

What can we do for our customers waiting to get through?

We offer Music (or Message) on Hold. This is a tremendous feature which not only retains your callers, but also keeps them informed of new products or services, etc. This feature benefits your company by keeping a huge percentage of holders versus systems with Music or Message on Hold. We use it ourselves.

What are Battery Backup Units?

They are an alternative source of energy for the system to access in the event of a power outage. Depending on the size of the unit will determine how many hours the system will remain in operation without electricity. The major advantage is that the equipment gets protected from power fluctuations such as brown outs, surges and spikes. Consider them as protection for your equipment while helping allow for your business to continue until electricity is restored.

What if I get a deluge of simultaneous incoming calls?

Unified Call Distribution (UCD) will queue up the calls and send them, in order, to the next available line. The caller will hear MoH (Music or Message on Hold). This reduces the dropped call rate significantly, increases customer awareness of other products or services and has been known to catch some people embarrassingly singing along as their call is transferred.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) provides the next level of service above the UCD in that at a predetermined length of hold, the caller will be asked if they would like to leave a message for a call back.

What assurances do I have about the Products and Labor?

All products are 100% guaranteed by the manufacturer for one year, and have a one year service guarantee. We are fully insured.

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