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We've been doing hassle-free business phone system installations for over a decade. We're a leading supplier and maintainer of business phone systems in the New York Metro Area. We’re fast from getting you an initial quote, to getting a tech on site when a problem arises because we know what we’re doing and won’t waste your time with solutions that simply don’t work! Our clients LOVE us because of the speed at which we work. A tech is on site usually within 24 hours for customers with contracts and offer optional 4 hour emergency service.

Mainway Telecom specializes in business telephone system installations in New York City and all of Long Island.


We get the job done. Period. We’ve been in business for over a decade. It’s all about being there on time when we say we’ll be there and following up and getting the job completed in the time frame agreed upon!
Phone communication is pivotal for any business, and installing the right business telephone system in your office will vastly improve the productivity of your workplace. If a key base of your business is phone communication it is important to provide a business telephone system that best suit your needs and minimizes costs.
We have experience in providing business telephone systems for small to medium sized businesses.


Mainway Telecom offers flexible payment options. This allows you to rent, lease or buy your new phone system, giving you increased flexibility in managing your phone expenses.

We find the most efficient phone system solutions to meet our clients’ needs year after year. On average we save our customers 20% - 60% by utilizing the VoIP technology of today.

VOIP phone systems operate using internet communication and are a popular alternative for business communication. Operating at a fraction of the cost, VOIP telephone systems are far more cost effective than traditional telephone line networks. Mainway Telecom provides a great range of VOIP phone systems to businesses looking to gain a modern edge to their business models, without compromising their bottom line.We also work with all the major phone service carriers to find ways to save your business money on your monthly reoccurring costs.


We are one of the leading suppliers of Ipitomy, Samsung and Allworx on Long Island. Mainway Telecom is proud to supply companies across Long Island and into the 5 boro's of NYC with corporate phone systems for major brands like Ipitomy, Samsung and Allworx. .

Ipitomy telephone systems have been serving offices in NYC and around the country for years, providing effective and functional phone communication solutions at affordable prices. Browse our range of Ipitomy phone systems online to find the system that suits you.

Samsung is a globally recognized name that upholds high quality standards on all its products, and the Samsung Phone Systems are no different. Mainway Telecom specializes in the Samsung OfficeServ Systems. We stock various sizes of the OfficeServ models, providing Samsung telephone systems for any sized business.

Allworx VOIP systems are cutting edge servers that offer a 100% IP platform.  Their systems have a robust feature list at very affordable prices.  The Allworx system has powerful features like (7) "Presence" modes, that can be enable at the touch of a button.  Alworx systems are changing how businesses do business while making the phone on your desk easier to use.

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